If Its Kosher For Them, It’s Good For You

kosher gift basket

Them being your best Jewish pals. You’ve got to love them. So, on their special days, why not treat them with their own special gifts. It is the least you could do; given that they share most of your traditional holidays. And they are not shy to help you out with a gift or two. Their openness is something to be admired, given that entry or induction into the Jewish faith and its religion is one of the most strictly governed. Just ask any local Rabbi. There is one near you, to be sure. While your best pal is off to shul on a Saturday morning, this being the true Sabbath day, you go online and quickly order a kosher gift basket for him so long.

It could be for his birthday. It could also be for Hanukkah, yet another special time of the year for him. And yes, he celebrates Christmas too. Perhaps you should have a chat with him about this. Just ask him why he of all people is celebrating Christmas. It’s, like, un-Jewish. Actually, it’s not. It’s not even Christian, but that’s a story for another day. Of course, Thanksgiving is for everyone. Unless, of course, you have sensitivity issues on the cultural and heritage side. Never mind that, your Jewish pal probably likes his Rosh Hashanah prezzies the same way you like your New Year’s eve indulgences.

You and him have so much in common. There’s birthdays and anniversaries that are always celebrated, no matter what religion culture or color of the rainbow you are. You might do Confirmation and he did his Bar Mitzvah. By now, he’s probably a big shot. So, don’t forget that there’s corporate gifts you could send over to celebrate the end of yet another successful quarter.