Stump Cutter Specs


Here are just a few sample specs for those of you who need to get a handle of a special tool for your garden and yard as early as possible. You’re dealing with tree stumps right now. And right now, these stumps have just got to go. If not that, they’ve got to be stripped down as far as possible. While checking out your sample specs, note that you’ll be able to get a good handle of all other stump cutter supplies you might be needing for this important set of tasks.

stump cutter supplies

Here’s what they call a log skidding and handling tool. It’s got twenty-four-inch capacity skidding tongs. Be sure that you need this tool. Be sure that you’ll be prepared to learn how to handle this tool properly. It’s built for heavy duty work and it weighs a hefty one and a half thousand pounds. Heavy duty work indeed, but it’s got a long handle with soft, comfortable hand grips that not only shore you up comfort-wise but gives you greater leverage in your tree cutting work.

There’s side hand grips in place. These make it easy for you to drop into position when you need to. And you’ve also got your log stabilizer. Your hardy, die-hard stump cutter comes in a bright red, so if you’re going to be one of those deep in the woods then there’s just no way you can lose this tool. Three plusses for you if you use this tool. One, you’ll be cutting down on labor costs. Two, all timber cut can be cut down into small manageable pieces to make easy removal from your yard possible.

And three? Well, there’s great potential for you business-wise if you’re stuck with loads of wood and you don’t know what to do with it yet.