A Pleasant Tail Of Feathers

pheasant tail feathers

Let’s not let one species enjoy all of the limelight. Let’s talk about a few and hope the timing’s just right for you. Here’s a short and pleasant tail all about feathers. The tail of the ostrich’s feathers. The pleasant tail that is traditionally celebrated as turkey time. Talk about the magnificent beauty of the proud peacock’s feathers, not forgetting that there is still a lot of country folks who enjoy being resourceful with their plucked pheasant tail feathers after enjoying their traditional but hearty pheasant roast, all free range, of course.

Because the ostrich is such a huge beast, many uses have been found for its carcass. This includes the feathers, the meat and even the leather. The large plumes of black feathers have been converted into industrious feather dusters and gargantuan ballroom gowns. The meat is delicious and organic and healthy eating enthusiasts are raving about its high protein content. The meat is also largely free of fat.

Turkeys are large beasts when measured against the size of the bush guinea fowl and small yard of chickens watched over by their head rooster. At traditional times of the year it remains a favorite as part of a sumptuous, mouth-watering and tummy growling feast. But prepared in the correct manner, turkey meat is also quite good for you.

Because the male is just so beautiful the peacock continues to be revered at god-like levels. And there’s that old saying never to be forgotten. As proud as a peacock. Interesting thing that. The ‘man’ is more beautiful than the female.

In comparison, the wild but small pheasant can be forgiven for its modesty and timidity, given what it’s been up against all these years. Still, country folks have come to appreciate its rustic qualities, feathers, meat and all.