Bales, Blankets, Rolls & Other Things Used To Curtail Erosion

There is something of that size in every industry. It is billed as ‘the world’s largest’. Its trademark should bear the clue that it is in a strong position to cater for world markets. Now, this is important when you consider the necessity or urgency of the select sub-industry. The need for erosion control is indeed a global issue, more urgent in some parts of the world than in others. The world’s largest country by land mass is Russia. The world’s largest country in terms of its population size is China. Today, both countries are experiencing challenges related to soil erosion.

The large-scale soil erosion has been caused for two main reasons. One reason being that heavy industrialization has polluted and dried many natural areas. But extreme weather patterns and climactic changes (the second significant reason why there is so much soil erosion globally) it could be said are caused the aforementioned first reason. Fortunately, many sustainable and practical things have been done and continue to be done to reverse soil erosion, contain it and control it. The USA is merely one of the largest countries in the world.

burlap rolls and bales

It has its own challenges with soil erosion too. But within its borders is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of erosion control products such as blankets, wattles, burlap rolls and bales. It is from this large center that thousands of single and double net straw blankets are being put together for mass supply and use. It is from this center that erosion control logs are manufactured and distributed as well. Your small plot is way, way smaller than any of the countries mentioned but it does have its own problems with soil erosion. Time to go shopping then.